The Core Allocation Series balances return and risk at five distinct levels allowing
for flexibility based on each investor’s specific risk tolerance, return goals, and investment constraints. These institutional-quality, diversified portfolios are
structured to reach diverse investment goals.

Strive to deliver optimal total return (growth and income) through an actively-managed, go-anywhere investment approach

Seek extensive diversification
across traditional and specialized investment types including stocks, bonds, foreign investments, hard assets, and hybrid securities

Form the foundation of each investor’s portfolio, while offering flexibility based on specific investment goals
and constraints



The Focused Objective Series is a collection of specialty portfolios
managed according to specific investment objectives and guidelines.

Offer targeted investment exposure tailored to investors with
unique financial situations

Complement a broadly diversified portfolio and are typically only appropriate for a portion of an investor’s investable assets

Provide a customized investment approach designed for high-net-worth investors or investors with a higher degree of complexity in their
financial plan